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For 25 years, Planet Wings has prided themselves on serving food of the highest quality. At Planet Wings, you will never be served food that is pre-frozen or pre-made. Every item of food we sell is made to order, from our juicy burgers to our award winning wings.

In a commitment to serving our customers food that is not only delicious, but good for them as well, Planet Wings proudly uses Bell and Evans Chicken. Located on a small farm in Pennsylvania, all of Bell and Evans’ chickens are raised on an all vegetarian diet, in a humane environment. They are raised with no antibiotics, no hormones, and no GMO’s. Bell and Evans’ 100% air-chilled chicken is sent directly to Planet Wings locations weekly. At Planet Wings, we believe that customers deserve nothing but the best quality available.

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Planet Wings was founded in 1994 by husband-and-wife team Franco and Paula Fidanza. Seeing an untapped opportunity in the market, the duo set out to create a fast-food restaurant that offers everything from salads to burgers and, of course, chicken wings. Since starting their own business more than 20 years ago, Planet Wings has grown to a chain with more than 20 locations, and it continues to maintain the qualities of a family-owned business that got it where it is today. The owners are still committed to providing a quality experience to all their customers, and that commitment is reflected in their decision to update the brand with a look that is more modern and refined than before. The brand makes a promise to customers and Planet Wings delivers on that promise by providing delicious, high-quality, made to order food everyone can enjoy.

Planet Wings was conceived in 1994 by founders Franco and Paula Fidanza, They realized that there was an amazing untapped opportunity in the retail food establishment and delivery market. The first Planet Wings® concept store opened in January 1995 and Franco and Paula haven’t looked back. They are committed to using only the highest quality chicken available and to give their customers an incredible value for their money. Coupled with super convenient delivery service, Franco and Paula had discovered the recipe for success.

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